What is Dead…

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Last Friday, November 6th 2015, the “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors” show had its opening at Milk and Honey in Philadelphia. Among the pieces displayed were cartoon versions of the Brotherhood Without Banners, tarot cards of Game of Thrones characters, and Jon Snow prayer candles.

Props to Kate Egan for the decorations/murals, hanging the show, and providing food and drink. The night was less dark and devoid of terror thanks to the efforts.

Shout out to all the fellow artists that participated in the show, namely: Heather Vaughan, Miguel CoAlex Dos Diaz, Nicole DiPonziano, Bob Stokes, Nancy Hill, Caitlin McCormack, and all the others that I am currently forgetting. Roughly 35 artists showcased their work, including yours truly.

Born of Salt

Pictured here is my Greyjoy poster, complete with the house motto. They may be a plundering group of miscreants, but damn it if they didn’t choose the correct animal for their sigil. If you like what you see, prints of the Greyjoy poster can be bought at my Etsy store.

Looking to satisfy your Game of Thrones cravings while the show is on hiatus?  You can still check out the show until mid-December at:

Milk and Honey
518 S. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Have a great week, and stay out of trouble! – Dave

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