Westeros Reforged

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Speaking of Game of Thrones . . .

Leaves rustle as the breath of fall washes over them, sending them skittering across the pathway into the grass. Seated on a painted bench, I rhythmically tap my foot against the cold concrete and stare off into space twenty feet away. Gentle humming comes from the electrical wires above the train tracks, signaling the approach of my ride back into the city. As the train pulls up and the doors slide open, a thought strikes me.

It has been nearly a year and a half since I touched our homemade Game of Thrones Risk project. The game board lies dusty, broken, and forgotten in the depths of my friend’s house in another state, and so I resolve to build a new version.

Here is a look at the sprawling lands of Westeros so far:

Game of Thrones - Risk Homebrew

First Analysis

Dorne (orange) is going to be overpowered as all get-out until something is done with the island chains and the Salt Shore/Sunspear connection. The Riverlands (blue) and Crownlands (yellow) will be marginally stronger than our older version thanks to better isolation and border control. Casterly Rock (red), the Iron Islands, and the backside of Dorne will be connected for balancing reasons, and the Dragonstone island chain should allow for increased eastern mobility. Storms End (purple) is larger by two territories than its last iteration. Highgarden is unchanged, and sprawls just as much.

Cards ported in from the old version will probably do just fine, but I think I may be adding in some more Warlord cards for variety’s sake. Current ideas include some sort of “troop trap” card that triggers when an opponent performs a specific action or invades a certain space, and some sort of small economic boost card or bid card.

This is just one of three games I have in development right now, though it is the only game with a pre-established world. I obviously cannot mass-produce this, as I enjoy my butt firmly attached to my body and not sued off by Hasbro and HBO.

If you guys are in the Philadelphia area and want to try your hands at rewriting the history of Game of Thrones, feel free to drop me a line and we’ll set up a game.

Until next week.

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