Arts Unleashed Clean-Up

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Gallery Works Arts Unleashed 01 - April 2015 Arts Unleashed 02 - April 2015 Wiretap Playing Cards Full Frame

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Attended the Arts Unleashed Party yesterday; never been to an art gala event but would highly recommend it to anyone who’s never been. Everyone looked sharp, the food was tasty, and two open bars didn’t hurt. Got to hang back with friends and network with folks alike, so all around a successful night.

Still working under wraps on the new deck of playing cards. Debating on releasing all my progression photos in a big splurge, or keeping things tightly under wraps. The surprise factor is something I love to have in the back pocket, but damn if I do enjoy sharing process photos with you guys.

Fine! You drive a hard bargain, and stick to your principles. Here’s a tiny itty-bitty teaser for the pips and numbers.

Oni Playing Cards - Pips

See you guys later.


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