T-Minus Three

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Three days remain until UArts’ Arts Unleashed gala! The party will be from 6pm-8pm, and tickets are on sale at the link above. You can find the show at:

Hamilton Hall
320 South Broad Street

If free admission is more your thing, you can swing by from April 10th-14th. Additionally, you can come and gawk at me on Saturday (April 11th), where I will be signing/selling Sultana decks from 12pm-2pm. All else fails, the event is sponsored/covered by Fox 29 News and 101.1 More FM, so there’s a good chance you’ll see my ugly mug or hear my gravelly voice sometime in the future.

Figured it would be impolite to have an update without any artwork, so here is the prelim line-work for a new editorial I’m working on.

21st Century Zen - LineworkCheers guys. Until next time.


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