It’s Been Real, Summer 2016

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Hello folks. Nearly seven months have passed since a post has appeared on Humorousrobot.

What a journey it’s been! You never know how far you’ve come until you look back and take stock. Today we’ll take a quick look back at where summer 2016 took me, as well as what will come in the future.

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Despite the huge amount of time it looks like I spent on vacationing, the opposite is true. I buckled down, and as the previous post described, Oni Playing Cards arrived at the beginning of the summer. There aren’t any pictures of me shipping the one hundred and eighty-something orders, but it certainly took up a huge chunk of time. I am tremendously proud of how they turned out, and it already has been difficult not to spill the beans on what comes next. (Click or tap the following images to enlarge.)



That last image is from the limited-edition Life or Death Oni chip that was released by the Devilish Rogue Project. Only 100 of these will ever be made, and the supply is nearly depleted. Same is true for the Oni dealer chip.

You can pick up your copy in the DRP Etsy Store here.

That’s all for now. Tune in next week when I go behind-the-scenes of the Oni deck, as well as tease what’s coming next! – Dave

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