Demons Descend

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Hello everyone! Hope you all have been enjoying the week so far.

I had quite the comical ride getting ahold of these, as there was an internal issue at USPCC and they didn’t send the “shipped” notification. After calling the freight company with the shipment number, the rep told me, “Well, they should be at your house… right now.” The FedEx driver was upset that I interrupted his nap (ha!), but we got the boxes where they needed to be.

On to the cards. They look amazing, and the edges are rough but crisp — just the way cards should be. As with most USPCC Air Cushion finish cards, they shuffle and slide like a charm.

Thank you to all the Kickstarter backers that made this possible, and feel free to follow along either here on the blog or at the Oni Playing Cards Kickstarter campaign page.


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