The Sexiest Risk

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Hey guys! Just going for the most clicks based on a misleading title, don’t pay me any mind. My friends and I decided to do a Game of Thrones-based Risk board game, Even though if we so much as thought about selling the product we would be tag-team sued by HBO and Parker Brothers, I thought I would share some […]


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Hey guys! Haven’t been saying much on here recently, but I have pictures and proof to back up my absence. First of all, I’ve been secretly (well, no longer) working on some MOTHER. LOVING. Can’t spill too much more, but some newlyweds get hit in the face by hatchets. As for other junk, I think these photos should say it […]

Ghostdog Status: UP! +WIP

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Hey everyone. Samurai Ghostdog just went online for a week in the Mister Dress-up store, and will be available until November 17th, 2013. You get a wicked shirt, I get a small commission, it’s a win-win situation. As for other art news, I’ve been working on several other Tshirt designs. “Housekeeper,” “Let’s Play,” and “Trainquake” will hopefully be hitting the […]

“Making IT” Wrap-up

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Scores of paper parasols hung down from the ceiling of Hamilton Hall, each attached to pulleys placed within reach of visitors. I would have paid good money for a pair of 30-foot scissors. Met a lot of old acquaintances, and made some new ones. Special shout-out to Sam, Kate, Regina, Miguel, George, Cory, and Rosae. Visitors to this site will notice the switch […]

Stuffed Like a Turkey

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Check it! It’s the updated cover that will be debuting in the Uarts “Making IT” alumni show. For those of you who also made it in, I’ll be seeing you there. For those of you who are not going (educated guess: most of you), I have, for a limited time, a copy of the short story available to read through […]

5 Things I Have Learned as a Designer

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If you’re a work-from-home freelancer like yours truly, sometimes you have to man up and yell at yourself when you screw up because you’re your own boss. Company parties become awesome, because the only person that shows up is someone you’ve known your whole life. Although now that I’ve typed all of that out, I notice that being a designer […]

Fall and Chain

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Yes, yes, Brock, I know. I promised you crowd the end page of Mindless Violence. I am still tinkering with it in my DaveCave. But not to fear, because there are a lot of different techniques for comics that I am trying, and it will be delivered next week. It may look different since I am using Photoshop instead of […]

Breathe Deep

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Hey Bloggernet, Just checking in with you guys. Comfy? Maybe reclining, with a cheeky vintage of brandy? I certainly should not hope so, it’s Monday morning you wino. I recently did some advertising samples for an e-cigarette company, which will remain nameless. To modify a quote from Sin City, “Modern cigarettes. They all look like electric shavers.” I sat next […]