Intel Package

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That looks very peculiar without the tuckbox guidelines, but there is the basic framework for the Gag Order tuck as well as the final back design. Dual actuator hard drives are supremely expensive nowadays, but in the Gag Order universe they have replaced archival tapes as a means of high-volume, long-term data storage. The tuckbox itself is attempting to look […]

Farewell to Farms

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Alright Newark, it’s been real. From playing too much pong to night kayaking, I had a blast. Now that I’m back in Philadelphia, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Gag Order has my full attention, and I have been feverishly working on it for the past week. As you can see, there has been a complete overhaul of […]

To the Edge of the Earth

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I’m working on the Gag Order promotional poster thumbnails, and wanted to get a little feedback from you guys on what your favorites are. If you want to take the survey I’ve set up, no verification is required and it takes under three seconds. LINK TO THE SURVEY HERE. Pro-Government Posters Civilian Resistance Posters I’m structuring the Gag Order Kickstarter […]