It’s Been Real, Summer 2016

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Hello folks. Nearly seven months have passed since a post has appeared on Humorousrobot. What a journey it’s been! You never know how far you’ve come until you look back and take stock. Today we’ll take a quick look back at where summer 2016 took me, as well as what will come in the future. Despite the huge amount of time it looks like […]

Demons Descend

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(Click an image below to enlarge.) ORDER ONI PLAYING CARDS TODAY! Hello everyone! Hope you all have been enjoying the week so far. I had quite the comical ride getting ahold of these, as there was an internal issue at USPCC and they didn’t send the “shipped” notification. After calling the freight company with the shipment number, the rep told […]

Art Unleashed — 2016

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Every year for seven years now, University of the Arts has held their Arts Unleashed gala event to promote established and upcoming artists. Proceeds from the event go toward replenishing the Sam S. McKeel Promising Young Artists Scholarship Fund, which assists students in affording tuition. I had the privilege, once again, of showing artwork alongside many other talented artists and friends. The […]

Westeros Reforged

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Speaking of Game of Thrones . . . Leaves rustle as the breath of fall washes over them, sending them skittering across the pathway into the grass. Seated on a painted bench, I rhythmically tap my foot against the cold concrete and stare off into space twenty feet away. Gentle humming comes from the electrical wires above the train tracks, signaling […]

What is Dead…

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Last Friday, November 6th 2015, the “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors” show had its opening at Milk and Honey in Philadelphia. Among the pieces displayed were cartoon versions of the Brotherhood Without Banners, tarot cards of Game of Thrones characters, and Jon Snow prayer candles. Props to Kate Egan for the decorations/murals, hanging the show, and providing […]